Cliff Martinez - Hotel Artemis (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Vinyl 2xLP, Album, 180]


Lakeshore Records

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2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, 180g Black Vinyl

A1 West Coast's Favorite Bank
A2 Everybody's Going To Get Fixed Up
A3 It Smells Like Somebody Died In Here
A4 Don't Hang Up On Me
A5 Twenty-Ounce Sirloin
A6 Hands Off The Gooch
A7 This Place Has Rules
A8 Respect Your Elders
B1 Shotgun And A Duffel Bag
B2 Parisian Ninja Bitch
B3 I Only Kill Important People
B4 My Ballroom Days Are Over
B5 Check Out Time
B6 Beau, Great Name
B7 It's Always Your Fault
C1 Send Me Down The River
C2 Hell In A Handbasket
C3 All The Shades Of Shit
C4 Don't Cross My Life
C5 She Stays, You Go
C6 Getting Out Is Always Tougher
C7 Keep It Christmasy, Babe
D1 California Dreamin'
D2 Helpless
D3 City Of Angels
D4 Gilded Cage