Danielson - Trying Hartz [2xCD, Comp]


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2 × CD, Compilation

CD1.1 Now Try 0:06
CD1.2 Body English 2:08
CD1.3 Flip Flop Flim Flam 3:29
CD1.4 Singers Go First 2:56
CD1.5 Jersey Loverboy 4:53
CD1.6 Animal In Every Corner (Version) 3:45
CD1.7 Rubbernecker 1:46
CD1.8 Sold! To The Nice Rich Man! (Live) 2:43
CD1.9 Thanx To Noah 2:34
CD1.10 Rallying The Dominoes 3:02
CD1.11 The Lord's Rest (Live) 4:02
CD1.12 A Meeting With Your Maker 3:38
CD1.13 Daughters Will Tune You 5:11
CD1.14 Runnin' To Brother 3:04
CD2.1 A No No 3:50
CD2.2 Good News For The Pus Pickers 3:49
CD2.3 Don't You Be The Judge (Live) 3:41
CD2.4 The Wheel Made Man 2:35
CD2.5 Fetch The Compass Kids (Live) 3:28
CD2.6 Idiot Boksen 2:20
CD2.7 Nice Of Me (Live) 3:34
CD2.8 Cutest Lil' Dragon (Live) 3:15
CD2.9 Pottymouth 3:33
CD2.10 Southern Paws 2:57
CD2.11 I Am My Beloved's (Live) 2:38
CD2.12 Hammers Sitting Still (Live) 3:22
CD2.13 Smooth Death 3:19
CD2.14 Cheer Hart